[wide]The Week of Equal Design[/wide]

Week accessible design will in september present a design as a tool for creating an environment and products without barriers. The organizing association CZECHDESIGN prepares for days from 17. into the 20. september exhibitions, workshops, discussions, and other program to the general public, designers, architects, representatives of the State administration and experts in this area to remind the social plane design and responsibility, which the designers against users they have. ¨

Paivi Tahkokallio

Paivi Tahkokallio

The festival „The Week of Equal Design“ is the biggest event in the history of our association, which deals with equal design since 2004. Apart from the touring exhibition, the program of the festival also contains the handover ceremony, where the best designer in the field of equal design in the Czech Republic will be presented an award. This ceremony (17. september, GALERIE/CZD Vojtěšská 3) will be held for the first time ever and we hope to create a tradition for the years to come. In the jury will be the architectural theorist Osama Okamura and other Czech and foreign experts. Another important part of the festival constitutes a workshop for young graphic designers, which will result into a project of a new nursing home in Prague 1. The program of the festival also contains a public conference with guests both from the Czech Republic and abroad – among others equal design specialists Päivi Tahkokallio from Finnland and Silvio Sagramola from Luxembourg. Conference (19. September, GALERIE/CZD Vojtěšská 3) is aimed at equality and accessibility in various fields of design and technology. After the conference we will organize a seminar for public authorities and municipalities, which are concerned about openness and communication with citizens.

The Week of Equal Design will culminate with the event called A Different City Experience which begins 20. september nearby Vojstěšská street. The program at the neighboring square in Vojtěšská quarter will be aimed in particular at our fellow citizens in the best years.

What is Equal Design
The ideal of versatile, friendly and easily usable design emerged in the 1970’s in the USA as a reaction to repatriation of disabled war veterans from Vietnam. At the same time it became relevant in the European context and now this kind of design is generally known as Design for All or in other words equal design. Equal design takes into consideration the needs of as broad group of people as possible, no matter what age, sex, they are or which physical proportions, abilities of disabilities they have.