Why do so many of us love coffee shops?

Maybe because they make us feel relaxed, life slows down there as we escape the chaotic outside world. Or do we just enjoy talking to friends and observing other people?

Some places have unique stories to tell. Let’s explore the story of a coffee shop with quite a bold name – Café 13, located in the centre of Ljubljana.


Prior to café, the place was left empty and abandoned for quite a while waiting for better times to come. And they did, finally.

As the place itself is quite small (60 m2), elongated and narrow, it’s not really an ideal place for a café. However, they turned a problem into a challenge and by creating a sense that the seats are carved into the walls the place is now more pleasant and conveys a feeling of spaciousness.

Café 13 is a place that reinterprets nostalgic memories in today’s time and space where blue and gray tones of floor tiles combine with the warmth of oak wood and the black accents tie everything together in a space.

Here, Norr11 chairs, Muuto lamps, Vitra coat hangers pair perfectly with ceramics by Patricia Urqiola.

Come over for coffee and you will find yourself in a place that feels modern, yet with a hint of nostalgia.


Architects: AKSL architects

Špela Leskovic
Aleš Košak
Maja Pečar

Graphic design: Bergla

Photography is by Ana Hribar

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Year: 2013