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Recycled glass workshop Buteljons – LV

Buteljons is a designer store and workshop in Riga where used glass bottles and jars takes a new form and becomes conceptual design products. Using green, amber brown and clear glass containers Buteljons…

The Wise One

Lamp Design by Mammalampa – LV

Mammalampa is a lamp design brand from Latvia, producing unique lamps with a great care of nature and love of aesthetics. Mammalampa’s signature is an interpretation of “handmade” which does not mean replacing…

Vase XYZ

Daria Podboj Havrda – CZ

Thinking about the overall essence of Daria Podboj Havrda‘s designs, a Czech Republic based designer born in Sarajevo, few key-words come into mind: playful, humorous and simple. Clear forms that define her projects…


Eyen/Carbon light – wonder of technology

Winner of the design of the year award at this year’s Month of Design in Ljubljana is industrial designer Janez Mesaric (from studio asobi) for his design of Eyen/Carbon light modular lighting. The…


Lamp Mess – Ukraine

Ukrainian designer Vasily Butenko has designed this original lamp, Mess. As we can read on his webpage:  I hope  that  sooner  or later   everyone will have goods    created   by  …

potato 1

Potato lamp – Poland

Design is a method of materializing ideas. The creation process always starts from the idea. Polish designer Bartosz Swiniarski went from one great idea and was inspired by the irregular, elongated and curved…

illuminate crisis_04

Illuminate the Crisis – Lighting Design in Poland

As I’ve mentioned before, the Polish design scene is elevating more and more to an international level because of its innovative creations and thoughtful events. I want to drive your attention to a…


W&M Lamp by Maxim Maximov – Russia

Russian designer Maxim Maximov has designed desk lamp and as he says it is about the a kind story about a friendship between materials wood and metal Via: mocoloco


Skyphos by Kateřina Smolíková – Czech Republic

Chandelier designed by Kateřina Smolíková is inspired by deep sea luminescent organisms. It is intended to be for darker places as an orientational light. It should remind the lightnes of this organisms levitating…


NEO3 by Svetlana Kozhenova

The set of ”Neokubista” and ”Neorondokubista” lights designed by Svetlana Kozhenova resembles art styles as art nouveau, Czech cubism or rondocubism (architecture style unique for Bohemia). Light lampshades are made of recycled antenna’s…

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